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TRACKING - Jonatán magányos vacsorája, avagy a lassú nyamnyogás titka
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TRACKING - Jonatan's lonely dinner, or the mistery of slow chewing
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Major screenings:
- Művész mozi
- Trafó, Budapest
- Sirály kulturkocsma
- MOME, Budapest
- 38. Magyar Filmszemle - Információs vetítés
TRACKING - Jonatán magányos vacsorája, avagy a lassú nyamnyogás titka
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Documentary / Music Hartyándi Jenő (Hungary)
Dresch Mihály - saxophone Lafayette Gilchrist - piano Szandai Mátyás - bass Hamid Drake - drums

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Documentary / Music Tóth János (Hungary)

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Documentary / Music MAGYAR nemzeti Attila (Hungary)
Photographer Béla Kása has been roaming Transylvania for 30 years, photographing native peasant musicians. With him as our leader, our film crew took a 2400 km journey to find the "models" of Béla's pictures. Szék was one of the important destinations of our expedition.

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Documentary / Music Silló Sándor (France / Poland / Hungary / Germany / USA)
TÓTH VIKTOR TERCETT (HUN/USA) Tóth Viktor – sax, Kovács Ferenc - trumpet, violin, Szandai Mátyás – bass, Hamid Drake – drums Hamid Drake is concidered as one of the greatest jazz drummers of the world. The trio was born during the works of the MEDIAWAVE INTERNATIONAL IMPROVISED MUSIC WORKSHOP (2004-2006). The workshop was led by William Parker, and provided it...

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Documentary / Music Hartyándi Jenő (Hungary)
ZoZo / Zoltan Csernak - piano, keyboard instruments, Kores / Kornel D. Szabo - doublebass/bass, vocal Ádám / Adam Sinkovics - sax, distortion, Csabi / Csaba Czimerman - drum, percussion, Dalma / Dalma Berger - vocal Rómer ház / house Győr, Hungary 20 December, 2008 "You can hear effects and elements of break’n bossa, acid jazz, swing, trip-hop and folk from us, packed into an unfizzy conception...

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Documentary / Music Szalai Zsolt "Zsömi" (Hungary)
The french Santa Macairo Orkestar was on a hungarian minitour in the recent past, and they visited the Rómer House in Győr, as well. Their music is pure life-affirmation - through a real eclectic style: waltz and klezmer meet New Orleans blues, jamaican ska and roots. Their strength is the presentation: singing barefoot and like a fair comedian. Members: Emilio GODILLO / trumpet...

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Experimental Antal Attila (Hungary / Serbia)
Clipp Supported by: Norway Grants

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Short Fiction HARTYÁNDI Jenő (Hungary)
Classical loove triangle. Two boys and a girl. Separation, alienation, generational suffering. This film was made by copying experts from one VHS tape to the other. This was a temporary period for the amateur artists who had become independent film makers in the meantime. The Super 8 mm film technique was difficult to be provided by raw material and the popular video technique ...

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Documentary / Dance Lengyel Sándor (Hungary)
Film adatok

Category: MEDIAWAVE Festival / Gathering / MEDIAWAVE 2008

Genre: Experimental

Nationalities: Hungary

Year: 2008

Premiere: Eurpean premier

Film adatok

Director: VETLÉNYI Zsolt

50 min. 2006 DVD, Colour, szöveges, Hungarian, English felírattal


Screenplay: Vetlényi Zsolt

Operatőr: Vetlényi Zsolt, Fülöp Farkas

Zeneszerző: Ágoston Béla, Zuboly zenekar

Vágó: Fülöp Farkas

Szereplők: Naszlady Éva, Szabados Mihály, Sulyok Miklós, Racsiborszky Ráchel, Pierre-Boris Jourdain, Noelle Du Puy, Iványi Marcell, Vetlényi Zsolt, Zuboly zenekar

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