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A film about the stereotype way of thinking of Christians about Islam and the Islam world about the Christians.


International Film Workshop
25 April - 3 May, 2008

Győr, Hungary


The aim of the „PASSPORT CONTROL” project is to help the artistic activity and cooperation of the young people from Europe and the different regions of Asia in international context. The workshop chose film, photo and art critics to be the means of transmission through cultures.

During the workshop, 17 films and hundreds of photos were made that can be seen here!




Leader of Film Workshop: VIZI Mária - dramaturg, television director (Budapest, Hungary)
Teachers: Steve SANGUELDOLCE - teacher, film director (Toronto, Canada), SZEPESI Gábor - cinematographer (Budapest, Hungary), SILLÓ Sándor - theatre and television director, dramaturg (Budapest, Hungary), Radu IGAZSAG - photo animation (Bukarest, Romania), TUZA-RITTER Bernadett - editor (Budapest, Hungary)

International and local participants:


CSICSKÁR Dávid (Pécs, Hungary), CSÓKA Miklós (Szombathely, Hungary), CSUTOR Gábor (Kaposvár, Hungary), Guro EKORNHOLMEN (Norway), Lars HENZE (Göttingen,, Germany), KIRÁLY Tamás (Budapest) KISS L. Marcell (Budapest), Andreas LEON-GEYER (Peru), Anastasiia MALIEIEVA (Odessza, Ukrajna), Giorgi MREVLISHVILI (Tbilisi, Georgia), VÍZKELETI Dániel (Debrecen, Hungary)

GULLER Illés (Budapest, Hungary), NAGY Attila István (Győr, Hungary), CSOBOD Judit (Győr, Hungary), SZEIFT Ákos (Budapest, Hungary), VARGHA Máté (Budapest, Hungary), KISS 'Gravi' András (Budapest, Hungary)

Á. SZABÓ Ajtony (Budapest, Hungary), BODNÁR János Kristóf (Debrecen, Hungary), Neil COLTOFEANU (Bukarest, Romania), KEREK Mária Sára (Budapest, Hungary), Patrick MORARAS (Bukarest, Romania), NÉMETH Gergely (Szombathely, Hungary), PAPP-IONESCU Dora (Budapest, Hungary), RÓZSA Réka (Pozsony, Szlovákia), Madalina SAUCA (Bukarest, Románia), Stefan TATU (Bukarest, Romania), ZSIGMOND Orsolya - produkciós asszisztens (Budapest, Hungary)

BALOGH János (Szombathely), BALLA Richárd (Győr), BEDE-FAZEKAS Csaba (Győr), BEDE-FAZEKAS Máté (Győr), BORS Balázs (Győr), BUZÁS Mihály (Győr), Anna CHERKEZISHVILI (Tbilisi, Georgia), FAZAKAS Júlia (Budapest), FEKETE Anikó (Győr), HAJNAL Zoltán (Győr), Lars HENZE (Göttingen, Germany), KÁNTOR Zoltán (Győr), Elena KILINA (Novoszibirsk, Russia), KOLLÁR Zsófia (Győr), Julia KOSCHEEVA (Novoszibirsk, Russia), KOVÁCS Flóra (Győr), Irina LAPOVA (Novoszibirsk, Russia), MÁTÉ Bernadett (Budapest), MENTES Júlia (Győr), MÉSZÁROS Kitty (Budapest), NÉMETH Zsófia (Győr), SILLÓ Máté (Budapest), SZALAI Zsolt (Győr), SZERDA Zsófia (Győr), SZOLLINGER István (Győr), TAKÁCS Dániel (Szombathely), TULKÁN Viktória (Győr - Budapest), TZAFETÁS Benjámin (Budapest), Mirela VLAD (Bukarest, Romania)

Participant from Visual Workshop of Győr:
ÁSZITY Boglárka (Győr), BARCSAI Bálint (Győr), KOVÁCS Péter (Győr), MARGL Ferenc (Győr), MAROSI Ildikó (Győr), SZOLLINGER István (Győr), VÁRHEGYI Péter (Győr)


Leader: HARTYÁNDI Jenő - MEDIAWAVE festival director
Workshop produkciós asszisztensek
Preparation, consulent, coordinator and production manager of the filmshootings in the workshop: GAZSÓ Zsuzsanna - film and media teacher, independent filmmaker (Budapest, Hungary)
Film and critic workshop co-ordinator: VARJU Nándor - teacher, independent theatre director (Győr, Hungary)
Photo workshop: RIPKA Eszter - student of film history and theory (Budapest, Hungary) and RECHNITZER Zsófia - young photographer(Győr, Hungary)

The workshop's 17 movies were evaluated by a professional jury and the audience after the screening on 3 May. The awards went to the films below:



STEPS short fiction / dance film 16 mm film black&white 4:20 min.

Directed and cinematographed by: CSÓKA Miklós (Szombathely, Hungary)


THE MAZE experimental short fiction16 mm film black&white 2:00 min.

Directed by: KISS L. Marcell (Budapest, Hungary)


THE BUS STOP  experimental film DV & photo  2:06 min.

Director & cinematographed & edited by: Mauro FIORITO (Roma, Italy) 

TEN YEARS AFTER  photo animation 2:30 min.

Director by: Radu IGAZSAG (Bucharest, Romania) 


birth: Rostock, 16. 06. 1983.
Adress: Gutenbergstr. 24 A Nr. 4
Phone number: +49/175 774 1025
E-mail: glennmiller_2000@yahoo.de
Web: www.hmw-cooperation.de

Spiritual Dialog
A man is sitting on a bank. He is very sad. Suddenly a priest with a huge Bible in his hand is sitting next to him. With big gestures he is explaining the sad man how beautifull the christian religion is, about all the wonders Jesus did, he gives him a glass of wine and some “holy” bread etc. Suddenly an Imam with a huge Koran in his hand is sitting on the other side of the sad man. First he is looking angryly at the priest and then he also starts explaining about his religion. He opens his book and with big gestures he tells about Mohammed and his doings, the paradise, he gives the man a Shishapipe and turkish honey etc.

The priest is getting angry and starts shouting at the Imam, what he is thinking to tell such lies and that the christian religion is the only true one. The Imam is also getting angry and shouts back, that the Islam is the right religion. Both are standing up and start to argue about their religions. The argue turns into a fight, in which both are hitting each other with their books.
The sad man, who was just sitting on the bank and wondering is now standing up, too and is trying to make peace between the priest and the Imam. But they both don’t stop and start to hit the man also and they grab his arms and pull him from one side to the other. The poor man is now caught between them and is shouting fo help.

Suddenly a beautiful woman comes and takes away the man from the two religious extremists. The priest and Imam stop fighting. They are dicovering, that they changed their books by chance and quickly change them back. Than they wonder about the man and the woman. The man walks away with her a few steps and they start to kiss each other. Now the priest and the Imam are totally offended. They both start now to shout together against the man, what an offending thing he would do by kissing someone on the open street and how the woman is dressed etc.
The priest takes a “real” christian woman into the picture. She has bounded hair, a big pot in her hands, in which she is cooking something, wears a long skirt and has a dog-chain around her neck. The Imam also takes a “real” muslime woman into the picture. She wears a burka, has a huge bag with wood on her back and a dog-chain around her neck. The priest and Imam start to explain that a woman should look like this. Suddenly the christian woman poors the hot soup on the priest and drops her pot on his feet. The muslime woman drops the bag with wood on the Imam and takes off the burka. Both break the chain from their neck, the cristian woman opens her hair and takes off her long skirt, under which she wears a sexy short skirt. The muslime woman also opens her hair and wears sexy jeans. They look very beautiful now and they go to the man with the first “modern” woman. The man is happy, that he is together now with three women. They are walking away happily. The priest and the Imam are totally confused about the situation. They both are hiding their faces behind their huge books and looking scared after the “modern” group, than angrily at each other... end.

I want to make a Charlie Chaplin-like movie about these religious extremists, who are all the same in every religion. I don’t want to make fun of the religions, only about the people, who use them for their own benefit and power. They are living in their own konservative world full of surpression and prisonlike rules, not knowing, that it has already gone. It should be a funny film full of symbols, but also a bit provocative. There are no dialogs, only music, which represents the two religions. When the priest is speaking, there is “church”music, when the Imam is speaking, there is Arabic music.
Lars Henze (glennmiller_2000@yahoo.de)


- Freiwillige in Ungarn
- Feinddezimierer
- Die Nachfolge
- Mein Haus
- Mein Haus 3
- Hochländer
- Architekt: Movement
- Ein guter Tag zum Sterben
- Bushaltestelle
- Gehorsam
- Yksinäinen Mies/ Einsamer Mann
- Traumtanz 

Gazsó Zsuzsanna
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